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340BDirect® for Chain Pharmacies

Standardize. Control. Perform.

Take control of your 340B program with 340BDirect®. Our solution provides the infrastructure and experienced 340B personnel to help manage the complete spectrum of your 340B program. 340BDirect® simplifies the complexities and challenges created by 340B and gives your pharmacy the needed visibility to help you maximize your program’s performance and adhere to HRSA guidelines.

The Benefits of 340BDirect®

Built specifically for chain pharmacies

Performance analytics and guidance

Standardized data and reporting

Program expansion and business development

Flexibility to work with covered entities and TPAs

More than traditional backbone offerings

Streamlined implementation process

HRSA compliance and support

Customizable to meet your unique requirements

No upfront cost

A pharmacy-focused 340B solution

Pharmacy 340B participation helps extend valuable resources to members of the community who need them most. But because the program centers around covered entities, pharmacies have historically been left to struggle with inventory, accounting, and profitability issues when they participate. Ultimately, many limited or completely stopped participation, and valuable community benefits went to waste.

Since 2014 340BDirect® has supported pharmacies with the expertise and tools necessary to significantly contribute to their communities through 340B.

Our intimate knowledge of pharmacy systems and operations, developed over nearly 20 years of managing pharmacy payments, gives us a unique insight into how 340B impacts pharmacies. We understand that each pharmacy has unique needs, and our platform and dedicated client services team have the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. With the proper expertise and tools on your side, your pharmacy can not only participate in 340B but contribute to the program and the community in a meaningful way.